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Monday, July 18, 2011


Calling all 3rd grade teachers – I need your help!
Some of you may know that this fall will be my first time teaching 3rd grade. I have been teaching 2nd grade for 4 years now. Back when I started, we all went to a Harcourt Trophies inservice. While there, I got a chart that was specific for my 2nd grade curriculum (it came right from Harcourt). It listed the skills for each story (like decoding, strategy, writing, grammar, and spelling). I tried to link the picture I scanned of it, but it won't work.

I used it all the time! Problem is, now that I am changing grade levels, I do not have a chart for my new 3rd grade curriculum.

My question is: do any of you 3rd grade teachers use Harcourt Trophies??? If you do, did you ever receive the chart that looks like this? I would LOVE if someone would be able to share this with me, to help me get started this summer!



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  2. Laura, I have one! I'm typing it up for you right now.

  3. https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B7hK5DlZQRaBODJkOGZkOGQtOWFiMi00ODU5LWJmZTUtZDZkOTIxNDIzNGYy&hl=en_US

  4. You are AWESOME! Thank you so much - this helps a lot!