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Monday, July 18, 2011

Classroom Library

After reading through so many posts on different blogs on how classroom libraries are set up, I am anxious to set up my own! However, I have a slight problem – my classroom is being cleaned this week, and I can’t get in! each summer, all the classrooms in our building get a floor to ceiling scrub-down as well as a new coat of wax on the floor. This just happens to be my week, so all of my classroom is now out in the hallway! This is killing me! I want to be in there right now, and now I am sitting here twiddling my thumbs! J Add to that the stress of knowing I will be teaching a new grade level in the fall (looping from 2nd to 3rd) and I am a bit restless!

By next week I will be back in my room organizing my novels for my kids. I am thinking of using small plastic boxes to sort the books by either series or author. If this works for me, I also want to move to my picture books.  I will post pics when I finally have something set up!

~ Laura

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