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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Day in My Shoes...

It’s another linky party! A Day in the Life of a 6th Grade Teacher is asking us to link up and tell what a day Is like in our shoes!

So, here goes:
4:55 alarm goes off. I stay in bed 5 more minutes before getting up and letting the dogs out. Then I ring breakfast up to my room and eat while reading for about 20 minutes it helps to wake me up! Then I start changing into my clothes, and usually three oufits later I am finally in what I will wear for the rest of the day!

6:00ish leave for work
7:00 I get to school and start getting ready for the day. This involves putting any grades into my electronic grade-book on my computer, copying, putting out morning work, and getting all computers and the smart board turned on.
7:55 students start coming into the room. I am usually in the hall talking with my old teamie across the hall. Students come in and take off all their snow clothes, and go about their morning routine which includes signing up for lunch, handing in any money or notes, and starting their morning work.
8:00 announcements begin with a 6th grade students leading the school in the pledge. Then the principal gets on and announces lunch, birthdays, and anything else needed. While this is going on my students are *supposed* to be working quietly, however I am busy getting them to stop talking, taking milk and lunch count, and taking care of the million or so papers that seemed to have been thrown on my desk since the kiddos arrived! In a few minutes I will have also taken attendance, checked my email, taken lunch count, and sent the cafeteria and office helpers on their errands.

8:20 ELA whole group starts. We begin the day on the rug (not usual in 3rd grade but a left over from my days as a 2nd grade teacher). We go over our focus skill and any other review skills. Then we move to our seats and read from our reading books.

9:15 Grammar. We begin with our daily language, and then move on to the week’s focus.
9:40 Special (PE, Computers, Art, or Music depending on the day) This is when I run around like crazy! I stop and talk to one of my friends for a few minutes before getting to work! When I get back to my room I do some grading and then run downstairs to copy any papers that should be filed (for RTI backup). Then I walk to down to check in with my teammates.

10:20 pick the kiddos up and start spelling.

10:45 lunch I know, how unreal is this?!  I walk them down to the cafeteria and then wait with them till they are through the kitchen line. The aides stay with them in the cafeteria and then to the playground. I wish I could say that I take this time to sit and relax, but of course I don’t. I read the news on my phone for the whole 10 minutes it takes me to eat, and spend the rest of the time working. Why do we do this to ourselves??

11:30 Math. We start by going over our daily math. Then we move on to a quick graded review, whether it is a fact test, a problem solving sheet, or general skills review. Then they take out their math practice books and do the page that reviews what we did the previous day. At 12:00 I start the new lesson for the day.

12:45 snack! It has been a big adjustment for us eating snack in the afternoon, but with such an early lunch, it’s a necessity! I would rather do it a bit later, but can’t because of other scheduling. We usually eat and play a math smart board game at the same time (the kids actually beg to do this makes me so happy)
1:00 AIS reading. I have two groups of students that go to AIS. They rotate every other day. While they are gone I hold my ELA small groups. They love this time of day, because they get more attention in the small groups, and I like getting the chance to interact with them.  
1:40 writing this is anything from a journal prompt to a new process lesson.

2:00 science/social/math lab depending on the day, my class rotates between myself and my other two teammates. I teach social studies to the whole grade level, another teaches science, and the third provides an extra hit in math with centers and games in the math lab. They feel so grown up, since this is their first experience in switching classes!

2:30 get ready for dismissal
2:35 send walkers into hall another teacher is assigned to walk them downstairs
2:40 walk bus students to their buses  - then I go back to my room and clean the whirlwind that is left behind! I do some more copying, planning, and whatever else needs to be done in the room.
3:25 teacher dismissal. If I don’t have practice, I will practically run out the door at this time J However, I have practice 1 or 2 times a week. On those days, I stay till practice at 6:00 and work around the room, pausing for a quick dinner around 5:30. Sometimes I’m lucky and my other coach will pick me up around 4 and we will run cheerleading errands before practice!

If I have practice, it is over at 8, and I don’t get home till 8:30, which leave me exhausted! Just typing all this, and I am glad I have one more day off today! And, what makes it better is that I have a 3 day work week! I am taking Friday off, since I am going to a Kelly Clarkson concert Thursday night and won’t be home till late! I can’t wait!

So what is a day in your shoes like?

+ Laura +


  1. My kids would probably be jumping for joy if our lunch was at 10:45. They always complain they're hungry! We go at 11:50! I am practically starved by then!

    Ginger Snaps

  2. Now that I'm used to it, I get hungry that early on weekends too! Only trouble is I am starving by dinner! :)

  3. I do rug time with my 4th graders! We both love it...some of my best instruction comes from that area in my classroom:)

    4th Grade Frolics

    1. One of my other teammates used to teach 1st grade, so he still uses his rug as well. Our third teammate has always been third, and the rugs were only purchased for prek-2. She asked me before how it works with the older kids, and I told her how much my kids love it! Its a nice break from our desks. We usually regroup there in the afternoon as well just to put out a plan of what will occur during the rest of the day.

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  5. Hello fellow New Yorker! I taught AIS reading for a year. I loved it. I enjoyed reading your daily schedule! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Nice to "meet" another New Yorker teacher!

      I also taught AIS for a year prior to getting my own classroom. I was AIS Math grades 2-4 and AIS Reading for grade 2 - I think it made me a better teacher seeing things on the other side of the teacher spectrum!

  6. I have brunch too on our advisory days. I actually do not mind it too much! I want a rug in my 6th grade classroom and people think I am crazy.

    Thanks for linking up!
    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

    1. You would love it! Sometimes all they need is a different change in scenery or change in pace, and the rug can work wonders!

  7. Hi Laura - Wow you get up early...I get up that early on the days I swim before work but that's only twice a week..and your district is soo small. WOW my elementary school alone use to have 1100 students. So glad I found you. I'm your newest follower. Sorry for the run on sentence above. LOL I will have to check in on you often. Very cute blog BTW. :o)
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

  8. I think it is great that you still have rug time! You leave for work early!

    Your blog is so cute! I love the brown and polka dots!

    I am your newest follower and would love for you to come visit me when you get the chance. =)

    Heather's Heart


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