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Sunday, October 9, 2011


It has been WAY to long since I have posted! I feel like I have neglected my blog that I worked so hard to create over the summer. I appologize for being MIA! I haven’t even had time to really check out everyone else’s blog either! L I am so exhausted between school and coaching, that I collapse in bed when I finally get home at night. The first month of school is now officially over, and I feel like I have some time to breathe now! Anyone who has been here before knows that I looped up to 3rd with many of my students from last year. I can’t say how much I already love this experience! My 13 lovely friends from last year have been able to continue right where we left off from! And, although we added 10 more new friends this year, they have learned the ways of the classroom from watching the kids who have been with me! 

I can’t believe how much my kiddos have grown up 3rd graders are so much different than 2nd graders! Even though I didn’t choose to move, I am definitely excited to see where this journey takes us! I am already thinking of asking the principal about the possibility of looping again in the future.  

The first month of school flew by, and we have had many changes and challenges. Our first day of school with students was on a Tuesday. Then Hurricane Lee decided to pay us a visit and we ended up having to cancel school on Wednesday and Thursday of the first week (who would have thought this would happen in central NY???). All the local towns were flooded, but most schools were only closed one day we however suffered damage to our high school, so we had to close an additional day. But, all teachers came in and we had a conference day so we didn’t have to lose a future snow day later in the year. We ended up getting training for the new Core Curriculum let me say now how scary this is for me! I also attended a teacher-to-teacher conference at our BOCES this month with all the other 3rd grade teachers in the area there are so many changes coming up with education, and it is overwhelming to say the least. 

On Friday we took our 1st field trip of the year. I say 1st, hoping that the PTO will still be able to fund the others that the grade level typically takes (the school is no longer able to pay for field trips, so our WONDERFUL PTO has taken on the challenge the last few years). Anyway, we took a trip to see the circus! It was a lot of fun, and the kids loved it. Well, they loved some parts more than others ya know, like when 2 of the 3 elephants decided that they needed to go to the bathroom right in front of us! (Oh yes, I can hear it now, “The best part was the elephant poop!”). When we get back to school on Tuesday, we will do some writing about our favorite acts (hopefully I can steer them around the elephant fiasco) and then some thank you notes to our chaperones (I had 12 chaperones for my 22 kids I was loving it!). 

I’m off to get some more work done now, but I wanted to at least make a quick post for those of you who actually read my ramblings! J Have a great additional day off tomorrow!

+ Laura +

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